Join the Minnesota Philharmonic

“The Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra seeks to provide diverse arts entertainment of the highest quality, resulting in increased visibility for the musical talents of the GLBTQA community.”

In order to fullfill this mission, we need your musical talents! During our concert season, the MPO rehearses at Augsburg College, Anderson Music Hall between 7:00pm and 9:30pm on Tuesday evenings. If you’re interested in playing with us, contact us and come to a rehearsal to see if we’re a good match for you!

The Minnesota Philharmonic is a dues-supported orchestra. Members pay dues of $75/year (or $25/concert) to perform with the orchestra.

    Join the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra

    Even if you can’t join the MPO as a playing member, there are many other ways you can help our orchestra thrive:

    Volunteer. If you’re looking to support a GLBTQA organization, we can always use your help for mailings, concert ushers, fundraising, publicity, and an assortment of other tasks. Just contact us for information!

    Hire our members! The MPO is able to provide small ensembles to perform at your wedding, commitment ceremony, memorial service, or other special event. Contact us for more information.