The MPO makes small ensembles available on request to perform for special occasions. Ensembles from the orchestra regularly make appearances at Twin Cities events sponsored by the Tretter Collection, Twin Cities Pride Festival, and at the Twin Cities Gala dinner of the Human Rights Campaign.

We have a variety of musical combinations to fit any occasion.

  • String: Soloists, duos, trios, & quartets
  • Woodwind: Soloists, duos, trios, & quintets
  • A variety of Brass soloists & ensembles

Even the entire MPO Orchestra! (Significant lead time is necessary for booking the full orchestra.)

Contact us to reserve an ensemble for your special event.

Why an Ensemble?

Music has a way to move us and inspire us. It relaxes the mind and lifts our spirits. Now you have an easy and affordable way to bring that special touch to any gathering or event. The MPO can offer soloists, duos, trios, a variety of large ensembles or even a full-fledged orchestra! Whatever your needs, we have an ensemble to fit them.

  • Bring an air of elegance & creativity to any event or party.
  • Show your employees or customers how much you appreciate them.
  • Add that special touch to your commitment or wedding ceremony.
  • Give the gift of music to someone you love.
  • Perfect for those special church or spiritual services.

Please contact us for details on pricing or scheduling. We require sufficient notice to arrange and prepare for your event.