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Announcing our 31st season: Revolutions

“Revolution” can mean many things. In one meaning it signifies defiance, disruption, things falling apart and evolving into something new. In another it evokes movement, rotation, spinning, even dancing. The music of our 31st season speaks from the intersections of disruption and dance. Adolphus Hailstork, Franz Liszt and Emilie Mayer put forth bold, defiant musical ideas only to break them down and rebuild them into something entirely new. Márquez, Barber, and Beethoven spin myriad dances from threads of melody and rhythm.

Finally, a new work from Yaz Lancaster draws on the threads of memory and the moments in which we return to our earliest recollections. Join us for a season that will move your emotions, captivate your ears, and perhaps even send you home dancing. 

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