Saturday, April 10 at 7:00 pm

As winter reaches for spring, a century of music invokes the physicality of human experience – of sleeping and waking, of waiting and grief, of dancing and song.


Anthony R. Green: Catto’s Courage

MPO Strings

William Grant Still: Invocation and Dance

Diane Benjamin, oboe & Kenneth Kusiak, piano

Lillian Fuchs: Selections from Twelve Caprices for Viola

Jon Poupore, viola

  • IV. Agitato
  • VII. Giocoso
  • XI. Fuga. Risoluto

Vaughan Williams: Selections from Along the Fields 

Janna Kysilko, soprano & Joe Dolson, violin

  • We’ll to the Woods No More
  • In the Morning
  • Fancy’s Knell
  • With Rue My Heart Is Laden

Ryan Brown: The Light By Which She May Have Ascended

Marinos Glitsos, Owen Davis, Joe Dillon, and Kristin Snow, cello

Jean Sibelius: Andante Festivo

MPO Strings