Queer Music Consortium in “Lavender”

The Queer Music Consortium was highlighted in a recent Lavender Magazine article spotlighting Twin Cities organizations which “have gone above and beyond in supporting our community.”

Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director Joseph Schlefke remarks, “Through the establishment of the QMC Como Park Concert in early June, we have all expanded our audiences. Choral music lovers are exposed to great music from instrumental groups, and vice versa. Last year, we began sharing a large booth at the Pride Festival at Loring Park, which further helped all of us ‘cross-pollinate,’ if you will, our prospective audience members and other interested music lovers.” Ed Huyck for Lavender Magazine

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Sounds of the GLBT Twin Cities: Part Three

Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra
By Michael Davis (Originally published in Lavender Magazine)

The conductor search committee of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) must have felt a little like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. After an exhaustive four-month search that included highly qualified candidates from all over the world, the committee learned that what it was looking for was right in its own backyard all along.

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