March 12, 2013

So far, we have music for By the Firside. American in Paris is due to arrive later in March. I am hoping that Rainbow
Body will arrive so we can read it on Tuesday. If it does not arrive, we will spend the entire time on By the Fireside.

Everyone who plays in Rainbow Body, please plan on attending Tuesday's rehearsal. If by Monday we have not
received the parts, I will send a message out informing everyone. If Rainbow Body arrives, we will start with it for half
the time, then move to By the Fireside.

Orchestration for Rainbow Body -
3 fl (3rd doubles Picc)
3 ob
3 cl (2nd doubles e-flat, 3rd doubles bass)
3 bsn (3rd doubles contra)

4 hrn
3 trp
3 trb
1 tuba

1 tiimpani
3 percussion
1 harp
1 piano


Orchestration for By the Fireside -
2 fl (2nd doubles picc)
2 ob
2 cl
2 bsn

2 hrn
2 trp



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